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The Dojo Knows Drones


Our Story

The Drone Dojo started out under the brand Mad Science Media, LLC in 1998.  We utilized a Cessna 172P to capture aerial video for law enforcement agencies, local news outlets and small commercial video projects.  Out of financial necessity and curiosity we mounted a Sony Cyber Shot onto a RC helicopter.  This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship between cost savings and versatility which allowed us to get unique shots at competitive price points.  Now, we have repurposed the website and created The Drone Dojo to assist drone flyers in obtaining their Part 107 certification.  We have been following the tech and the regulations from the beginning and bring our experience to the course.           

A Solid Test Prep

The instructor for this course taught flight students at a college level and developed a meteorology curriculum for Spartan College of Aeronautics.  We have taken this experience and applied it to the creation of this course.  The experience behind the Dojo made the development of this course ultra efficient which significantly lowered our cost.  We don't have a flashy web site, expensive graphics or overpaid lawyers teaching our course.  What we have is accurate FAA sample test questions at a low cost that will guarantee you pass your knowledge test with ease.  

Our Kung Fu is Strong!

We have 20 years aerial photography experience, solid instructors, a "pass your test" guarantee and the lowest cost on the inter webs!  Enter the Dojo and let's engage in some unmanned aircraft pilot certification combat!

Come get your UAS pilot certificate!

AND learn how to defend yourself against crappy aerial video!

The Dojo Concept

What we are about
We've been doing this a long time which makes our 107 kung fu far superior! Aside from experience, we have guiding principles that set The Drone dojo apart from the rest of the online courses.   

  1.   We want our students to pass the FAA knowledge test on the first try with no stress.  All the tools within this course are designed in a way that makes test day a non-event.    

    2.   We wanted the content of the course to be efficient, yet include material that is essential to part 107 operations.  The Drone Dojo is designed in a way that makes test day easy!  

    3.   We want the lowest price on the web!  We created this course to be the least expensive choice.  Don't let the low cost fool you.  We are a part 107 test prep ninja! 

    4.  We have spent a ton of time gathering FAA sample questions and there should be no surprises come test day. The FAA doesn't publish actual questions but it will be scary how close these are.  Taking these practice tests a few times will guarantee a pass!  This is the most efficient way to knocking out the FAA drone knowledge test.  

It's Not Rocket Surgery

Others make it complicated
Many schools have meteorologist, retired space shuttle commanders, lawyers, brain surgeons and chemists teaching their courses and it shows in their pricing.  Lawyers teaching drone classes?  News flash, we are not sending a drone into low space orbit, you don't need to consult the hurricane prediction center before flying your drone and you don't have to be an astrophysics major to understand how the phantom 4 works.  It is not that complicated. 

Many schools make it seem complicated to get your license because they want you to think you can't do it with out them and it validates the cost of their course.  It's just not that difficult.  Our course content and low cost is going to be a game changer for 107 test prep training.  We offer more information than the others and continually evaluate our training platform.  We take pride in our first time pass rate. 

This is a test prep and not a true course.  We use the wrote memorization level of knowledge to get you a pass.  This makes our course the fastest and most efficient.   


What people ask
Do I have to fly a drone for the test?
No.  The FAA knowledge test is a computer based, multiple choice test.  You do not have to demonstrate drone flying skills.  However, we do incorporate some flying techniques for aerial photography.  
How Much does the Knowledge test cost?
The fees may vary but the average cost is $150 per test.
Do I need to take a course like this?
The short answer is no.  You can just study and take the test, however, the 107 material is spread out over 1500 pages and the FAA is getting more serious about drone regulation by the day.  Adopting a structured approach to training will make digesting all the information easier and we can help with forming solid business practices.  
What is included in this course?
This course contains 300 FAA Patrice test questions that are designed as near carbon copies of the actual questions.  We also have test review videos.  This is the absolute simplest way to get ready for the test and pass the first time.  


Pass your test or we will refund your course fee!  
Some restrictions apply.  

  1. You must complete the course introduction, regulations, national airspace system, airport operations, ATC, basic aero, basic weather, weather sources, and medical training modules.

  1. You must achieve an 80% or better on at least one practice test.

  1. You must submit a copy of your test results.

  1. We can not issue a refund for FAA testing center fee(s).